Our Company Story

John, our founder, fell in love with investing early in life.  In fact, he started buying stocks in high school. Some of his earliest hobbies were charting stocks, watching the ticker tape, and reading the Wall Street Journal.

That passion drove him towards helping people accumulate savings and wealth.  In 1977, he started a business setting up retirement accounts for local Janesville teachers. Over the years, his business expanded to giving advice and managing money for all types of people, even his former General Motors co-workers. (That’s right, all while starting a business and raising a family, he also got in his 30 years at Janesville’s car manufacturing plant.)

Fast forward to 2007. John’s daughter, Sheena, graduated from college with a degree in Finance.  Not surprisingly, she grew up having conversations around the dinner table about money. She even gave a speech about ‘Bull and Bear markets’ to her classmates in elementary school. Going into business with her Dad seemed like a natural fit.

After college, she earned her professional Certified Financial Planner™ designation (CFP®).  She also worked for an outside firm for several years before joining Uncommon Cents Investing.

Today, the firm continues to grow to serve even more Rock County residents.   While the company has evolved over the years, we still aim to help people improve their lives through sound investment management and financial planning.


Uncommon Cents Investing – At-a-Glance

Experience?Over 40 years of experience helping improve people’s financial lives through investment management, financial and retirement planning.
Clients Served?We work best with people who are nearing retirement, already retired, high-income households, and super savers.
Outsourcing? No! We manage your money in-house, so your investments are not farmed out to someone you've never met.
Independent?Yes! We work for our clients, not for a product company.
Fiduciary?Yes! We are committed to always putting your interests first.
Fee-only?Yes! We are paid with fees only. Since there are no commissions involved, there’s no incentive to push products.
Expertise?Yes! All advisors and portfolio managers are licensed professionals.



Let us improve your life through sound investment management and financial planning.