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All Financial Advisors are not created equal. What is it that sets us apart and why should you consider working with us?

Creating Confident Financial Futures

We know you have many choices when it comes to hiring a financial advisor.  But did you know that all advisors are not equal?  In fact, some may not be “advisors” at all.  Instead, many are essentially paid salespeople who earn commissions by recommending certain products.  Or others may not have the knowledge or experience to help you build and manage your assets in volatile markets.

At Uncommon Cents Investing, we set out to provide you with a better option.  One that’s free of those conflicts of interest, as well as providing the right expertise to navigate today’s complex financial landscape.

Our family-owned, multi-generational firm has been helping Rock County residents feel more confident about their money for over four decades.

We’re also passionate about education.  You can listen to our practical look at the world of finance on our WCLO/92.7FM/1230 AM Radio Show every Saturday.

Could We Be A Good Fit?

Some wealth managers are true advisors, meaning they are required to give you advice that is always in your best interest.  However, not all firms are held to this strict legal standard.  Many are held to a lesser standard called “suitability.”  In this case, all they have to do is recommend something “suitable” to you, even if it pays them a higher commission.

You need real advice, not sales, when you’re planning your future. At Uncommon Cents Investing, we’re a fee-only fiduciary, meaning there’s no commission and no sales.  We simply give you objective advice.

Between the pandemic, low-interest rates, and other dynamics, investing in today’s complex world is not easy.  Many advisors simply put you into simplistic one-size-fits-all mutual fund portfolios that may or may not be right for you.  Then when the market falls, they usually tell you to just “wait it out.”

At Uncommon Cents Investing, we don’t believe that is enough to secure your future.  Our team members have been helping people navigate complex markets for over 40 years.  We take risk management seriously, so you’re not simply at the whim of the movements in the stock market. Instead, we provide active management that strives to minimize losses in down markets while still benefiting from market gains.

In this more complex financial environment, many financial advisors are embracing outsourcing.  That means that you deal with a relationship manager, then your money is farmed out to someone you’ll never meet.  While that can be very good for the firm, that, unfortunately, can subject you to more risk, since that third-party manager doesn’t know much about you, your other assets, or your risk tolerance.

Instead, our team will create an investment strategy specifically for you, with all of your needs, goals, and preferences in mind.  That way, you can build wealth in a manner that is right for you, so you’re not taking too much (or too little) risk.

We’ve all been there.  Whether it’s planning for retirement, getting remarried, divorced, or changing jobs, life’s changes can call for more financial planning.  Not all investment management firms provide that more specialized help.  At Uncommon Cents Investing, we have a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional on staff to help you with these needs.  This way, you can feel confident you’ve got an experienced professional helping you successfully plan for the future.

Sometimes financial advisors prefer you don’t ask questions.  At Uncommon Cents, we’re different.  We want you to understand everything we do for you, so we take the time to explain things to you in plain English.

There are no “gurus” around here.  Instead, we work with you to help “de-mystify” the financial world, so you can sleep better at night knowing how and why you’re invested. 

We build long-term relationships with our clients and their families, and these relationships are built first and foremost on trust.  That trust starts with you being clear on exactly how much our services cost.

We provide a clear description of the fees you will pay in writing before any work begins. We include unlimited support, so you can call or email us anytime we can be of assistance.


Let us help you feel more confident about your money!

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