Investing doesn’t have to be difficult. Let us do the heavy lifting.

At Uncommon Cents Investing, our team provides fee-only, fiduciary investment management and comprehensive financial planning services so you don’t have to manage all aspects of your financial life yourself. Our in-house investment solutions and hands-on approach is designed to help you achieve your retirement goals with more peace of mind and less complexity.
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Understanding Your Needs

Your Needs

While many firms make the same cookie-cutter recommendations to everyone, we don’t believe that approach serves you well. So the first thing we do is ask you questions and listen to understand your objectives, goals and concerns fully. That enables us to provide strategies personalized to your needs.
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Sophisticated Investment Management

Growing Your
Assets & Managing Risk

As a fee-only firm, we don’t push products. Instead, we give objective advice that is only in your best interest. Our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and investment professionals provide you with strategies to build and maintain wealth while managing risk, so you can achieve more and worry less.
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    What Can You Expect from Us?

    For over three decades, our team has helped Rock County residents take the guesswork out of managing their money and comfortably transitioning into retirement.
    Analyze the Situation

    Analyze the Situation





    Implement the strategy

    Implement the strategy



    • Getting to know you through an introductory phone call
    • In depth consultation to review your complete financial situation
    • Investment and financial planning recommendations geared toward improving your situation
    • Implementation of strategies to build and maintain your nest egg
    • Ongoing investment management tailored to your financial needs
    • Exceptional Service. We are here for you at anytime throughout our relationship

    Want to get to know us?

    Catch us every Saturday morning on More for Your Money, our live radio show. We’ll answer live questions and provide helpful tips on how small steps and simple changes can help you build wealth and feel financially confident.

    The Uncommon Cents Blog

    Keeping you updated with the latest retirement planning and investing insights and thoughts.
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